What to consider when buying an air purifier


Air purifiers are commonly recommended to remove various substances and contaminants from the air. There are many different models with theĀ air purifier reviews to choose between and this article will provide some considerations that you should have when you are considering different models of them.

One of the first considerations that you should have when you are trying to decide between different air purifier is whether you want a standalone unit or if you are looking for one to hook into your current HVAC system. Having a larger HVAC system incorporate an air purifier into it can make sense for those that are looking for more powerful air purifiers that handle multiple rooms but likely doesn’t make sense for smaller spaces.

Next you should consider the type of air purifier that is right for your home. Generally speaking, HEPA models are recommended that release only minimal amounts of ozone into the air. Most air purifiers will work by having a sterilization process with heat that removes mold spores and other bacteria from the air and which then is passed through an UV lamp. The air is then passed through filters which scrub the air and then filter back high quality air. Look for energy efficient models that properly sort through the air without releasing ozone which can be harmful to home occupants. HEPA models are thought to be less successful at purifying air but the differences are minimal and they need to have their filters changed and replaced less frequently than other models.

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